The Sweeney  (2012)    40/100

Rating :   40/100                                                                     112 Min        15

Rubbish. Incompetent cops bash their way around London, allowing criminals to engage them in aimless gun battles and to shoot random innocent people for no reason. One of said cops is also Ben Drew. Note that does not say played by Ben Drew, as Ben Drew cannot act. Instead he jumps around dressed like a chav, cocking his head to one side while he pretends to think, and mumbling in his incomprehensible and gutturally nauseating accent. Not the first time he’s sold out after making his ‘social crusade’ statement (see ‘iLL Manors‘), and doubtless it won’t be his last. It would be much better for film fans if he went back to making shit rap music that no one buys.

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