The Other Woman  (2014)    17/100

Rating :   17/100                                                                     109 Min        12A

Nick Cassavetes (‘The Notebook’ 04) directs Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton in what is supposed to be a story of female friendship triumphing over all, in this case the man who had been cheating primarily on his wife, played by Mann, but also on his girlfriends played by the other two, ultimately though, it looks more like the director just pointed the camera at his actors and said ‘Ok, just make something up’. It’s completely terrible, without any moral fibre, decent laughs, believable characters or indeed stunts such as there are. At one point we see Diaz running barefoot along the beach trying to catch up with Upton, in order to rugby tackle her, but we can clearly see the sand is strewn with shells – lo and behold she stumbles and falls, but I would be very surprised if what we’re watching isn’t simply the performer cutting her feet open and they’ve used the take anyway. That’s the kind of level of thought and preparation applied throughout. Nicki Minaj makes a brief appearance in her first live action film role (it was only a matter of time really). Watch ‘The First Wives Club’ (96) instead, which essentially has the same premise but is also a really good film.

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