The Imposter  (2012)    69/100

Rating :  69/100                                                                        99 Min        15

Very interesting. Always remember when you are watching a documentary that you are often being manipulated, both in terms of character and narrative, just as with a work of fiction. The film tells the true story, through interviews with the actual people involved, of how a Frenchman living in Spain was able to pass himself off as the long disappeared son of a Texan family. Gets off to a slow start but worth sticking with it. Also features someone who may be the worst FBI agent ever….

Worth remembering too whilst you watch this that when someone looks up and to the right with their eyes they are accessing the imaginative part of their mind, as opposed to up and to the left, which means they’re accessing the visual cortex and long-term memory (that is, according to Samuel L. Jackson in ‘The Negotiator’ {98}. Which I’m told is a simplified version of the truth …).

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