The Ice Storm  (1997)    64/100

Rating :   64/100                                                                     112 Min        15

‘The Ice Storm’ focuses on two families, whose constituent members are all constantly horny and constantly miserable. There may be a correlation. It at once shows the pain and suffering caused by infidelity, but also shows the onset of the children’s sexuality with the sheen of a kind of innocent inevitability, and shades of hunger and deceit. It’s pretty bleak but well put together and the ensemble cast, with the exception of Katy Holmes, all do a fantastic job.

In fact this film is famous for hosting several stars today when they were young, Katie Holmes, Elijah Wood, Christina Ricci, Toby Maquire, but it’s also another interesting film in the varied canon of Oscar winning director Ang Lee. Adapted from Rick Moody’s novel by screenwriter James Schamus, who’s been with Ang Lee since the beginning of his career, it’s a little depressing but definitely worth watching if you’re thinking of hosting any 70’s key parties anytime soon……

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