The Expendables 2  (2012)    62/100

Rating :   62/100                                                                     103 Min        15

One is very much aware from the onset that this is an ACTION movie. Stallone’s super team up of action stars continues with a second instalment and even more famous faces than before, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis also get larger parts than in the last outing. The style and set-up is exactly the same as last time, and it’s a decent action romp. It’s also impossible to deny that it’s nice to see them all onscreen together, and it’s equally impossible not to notice they’re having a really good time making it! Having said that, ‘The Expendables 2’ has sadly had to include itself in the list of films where people died on set, after a stuntman was tragically killed during a set piece accident.

The Expendables 3’ is a dead cert, and rumour is Nic Cage is already on board, and the filmmakers have approached Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford. How about the original bond Mr Connery for a final touch of class? The set-up here is great, but it would be nice to add more to the fray than just a shoot ’em up bursting with one-liners, and it does kind of feel like cheating when you have all these super fit action stars and they all have automatic weapons….

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