The Equalizer  (2014)    74/100

Rating :   74/100                                                                     132 Min        15

The classic tale of super cool actor playing a lowly shop assistant in a department store and just minding his own business, but who has to deal with random scumbags and then turns out to be in possession of DEADLY COMBAT SKILLS and can’t help but, ahem, equalise things – done many times before but always satisfying and this has a nice balance to it alongside measurably slick execution. The actor in question here is Denzel Washington and this is the first big screen adaptation of the long running TV show of the same name, which aired from 85 to 89 and starred Edward Woodward. The premise really is very simple, with central character Robert McCall seemingly unable to sleep and going to a café late at night to read Moby Dick instead, a café where he meets lady of the night Alina/Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz) whom he befriends and must then naturally step in to defend. Washington invariably makes it easy for us to sympathise with and root for his characters and this is no exception, with some crisp direction from Antoine Fuqua (‘Training Day’ 01, ‘King Arthur’ 04 ‘Olympus Has Fallen‘) and good choices of music too (see below for one of the songs, see above and below for great moments of ‘you have just messed with the wrong person’). The question is – when are we going to see Denzel Washington team up with Liam Neeson to take on all the bad guys, everywhere, at the same time?

The Equalizer Coffee

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  1. I like this movie. It’s fantastic and full of action. Robert, the main character, is already a retired agent but he cannot stand on the wickedness brought around on his place by the russian mafia. Many people were affected. Even the local police was force to corruption or face death if they fight. When Robert realized that Alina and other whore was forced against their will to sell their body and been badly beaten, he decided to end this wickedness. It is really a good story for a heroic act. Although it is not reveal exactly what happend in the past aside that he was an agent and her wife died, I highly recommend this movie. I give 5 star on this. Thanks.

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