The Bad Education Movie  (2015)    13/100

Rating :   13/100                                                                       90 Min        15

The bad education movie is, perhaps unsurprisingly, really quite awful. It’s an extremely low-key and ill-conceived British film adaptation of the similarly named TV series that thrusts comedian Jack Whitehall into the limelight as an ostentatiously irreverent teacher that openly talks to his secondary school pupils as if they were his mates down the pub, and indeed he socialises with them in the same context (sometimes, whilst actually in the pub). Perhaps because the teacher enjoys it so much, it simply makes him revoltingly creepy rather than the intended bastion of comedy and originality to sell the film with, inducing naught but continuous cringing and feelings of sorrow for the poor young performers who may never live down their early starring appearance in this. The story sees him cause various morally questionable mishaps to the class on a school trip, ending in a showdown between them, the police, and the Cornish Liberation Army, which is actually the film’s only saving grace.

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