So Undercover  (2012)    65/100

Rating :   65/100                                                                       94 Min        12A

Be aware that this is a very much aimed at teens film, but with that in mind, and dire opening sequence aside, it’s actually reasonably fun. It stars Miley Cyrus as a private eye, hired by the FBI to infiltrate a college sorority house and spy on the people inside. It’s very much in the vein of ‘She’s the Man’ (06), ‘The House Bunny’ (08) and to a lesser extent ‘Mean Girls’ (04). Not withstanding The Red Dragon’s opinion, early feedback has led the US distributors to plonk it onto the straight to DVD shelf, which is a little unfair on the film (the danger of ‘amazeballs’ slipping unconsciously into your vocabulary aside) and poor ‘Starter for Ten’ (06) director Tom Vaughan, especially when ‘The Last Song’ (10), Cyrus’s biggest release not surrounding her alter ego of Hannah Montana, was painfully bad but likely had the backing of millions in advertising.

One of the most interesting discoveries whilst watching this was that Miley Cyrus has a large scar on her forehead – is Miley Cyrus in fact Harry Potter in female form? Very curious as to how she got it, but good for her for not letting it stand in the way of becoming a global icon in her own right. Her iconic status is always going to be a bit of a problem when it comes to her transition from pop music to film, but lots of people have done it successfully and it’s worth remembering that she has been regularly acting for television since the age of nine or so (she’s just turned twenty). Someone in a similar situation possibly looking to turn to the big-screen (he’s been given a role in next year’s ‘Can a song save your life?’ alongside Keira Knightley) is Maroon Five’s Adam Levine, which, as anyone who has seen his music video when he saves the day from bank robbers will conclude, can surely only be a bad thing (Update: he’s actually really good in it. RD 3.12.14). It reminds The Red Dragon of Gary Oldman’s take on basketball players straying into acting, which you can listen to here…


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