Room  (2015)    55/100

Rating :   55/100                                                                     118 Min        15

Completely ridiculous. A piece of absolute nonsense that somehow garnered nods for best film, actress (Brie Larson), director (Lenny Abrahamson, ‘Frank‘ 2014) and adapted screenplay (Emma Donoghue) at the Oscars for 2015 – I’m not sure I want to divulge the central story as parts of it are only revealed after time, but the plot is focused on a mother’s relationship with her young five-year-old child (Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay respectively) within the context of a dramatic scenario they have to try and resolve. Suffice it to say, when you find out what that scenario is you will be left thinking, really? You couldn’t find a way to solve that problem with all the means at your disposal, and all the time you had to work on it?

To make matters worse, the solution hit upon has so many aspects that could head south fast it effectively buries the suspension of disbelief and the film from then on. Larsen carries the role (she was the only win at the Oscars) but not in any particularly resonant way, I didn’t feel anything for her character from start to finish, and I thought her young son was actually a girl for the majority of the film as well – visually he looks like a girl, and I thought there are reasons the mother might want to pretend that it was a boy, but no, it actually is a boy, so confusing. Basic changes to the details and the entire movie could work, but what they’ve ran with in the end is just preposterous.

Similarly, they hint at deeper and darker sexual themes, but then pull back before they’ve even begun to be explored. Ultimately, the entire thing is basically a waste of time, although Tremblay is quite convincing, despite looking like a girl (he can blame his mother for that).

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