Planes  (2013)    50/100

Rating :   50/100                                                                       91 Min        U

DO NOT GO AND SEE THIS FILM. Not unless, that is, you are aware of what it actually is. Disney have rather cynically released this knowing that people will assume it is another release from Disney Pixar, and whilst it is a spin off from their ‘Cars’ (06) film line, it is actually a creation of DisneyToon Studios, a wing of the Disney machine that normally produces straight to DVD releases. The only reason this has a theatrical release is the money they intend to make from the little trick they’re playing on the public.

The story is about as basic and rudimental as it can be – Dusty Crophopper is a crop duster who dreams of competing with the fastest planes around in a global competitive speed race, but will he overcome his own limitations and the laughter of his peers to realise his ambition? Will he indeed. For older audiences there is absolutely nothing here of any interest value. The animation is slick, and for the people it was made for, young kids, it may well be completely fine – in fact it may make a welcome change to see a Disney film aimed especially for them on the big screen. For everyone else, best give it a wide berth.

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