Dear Frankie  (2004)    87/100

Rating :   87/100                       Treasure Chest                     105 Min        15

The Red Dragon challenges you not to be moved by this film. ‘Dear Frankie’ tells the story of a single mother living in Greenock, played by Emily Mortimer championing a pretty convincing Scottish accent, and her deaf child (Jack McElhone) and the scenario she has created to explain the absence of the boy’s father. Emily Mortimer was the perfect choice for the role as her performance fully embodies a restrained and possessing sadness and indeed the entire cast display real emotion throughout, with touches of comedy from Mortimer’s mother in the guise of Mary Riggans, and the appearance of a certain well known Scottish actor whom you may be able to recognise from an early voice-over… Reportedly receiving a fifteen minute standing ovation at Cannes, the film retains the feeling of a real scenario throughout, and watch out for possibly the longest ‘pause while you think about doing it’ scene in cinema history.

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